Design in artificial grass

At Grassart, we create artificial grass elements for home, for play, for sport and for business. If you can imagine it, we can create it. 

New technology allows us to tuft your design directly into the grass. The individual elements of the design do not need to be cut in or painted on, as has been the case in the past. So there are no joins or seams to cause problems later.

So whether you need a branded mat or runner for a corporate event, a new playground surface with games, or a club logo in the middle of a sports field, we have ways to make it wonderful.

Created using state of the art technology developed by Signgrass in Europe, our rugs, mats and runners are colourful, hard-wearing and perfect for Australia's outdoors. But the good news is, they look absolutely striking when used indoors as well.

Our product is not made in China and we believe, you won't find this quality anywhere else. We can create logos in almost any shape with almost any graphic. This can be done with pile heights up to 60mm, in 4 yarn types and in a wide choice of colours.

Call Neil in Victoria on 0410 407 789 or Carolyn in Queensland on 0418 772 650 to discuss your project

Sports Ground Logos

​This sports logo for a school in The Philippines is a great example of the detail that can be achieved with our tufting. You can actually see the branding and how it can be made quite striking.

Playground Elements

Educational elements are great for kindergartens and school grounds. Aside from letters and numbers we have games like Snakes and Ladders as well as fun graphic elements.

Corporate Branding

Whether it is for a special corporate event, or a permanent branding element for your office or sponsored location, it can be made quite striking. Simply provide us with a hi-res file.