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Sprint Track For Gym Crossfit

Ready Set GO ….with Off-The-Shelf Sport Tracks

Our Off-The-Shelf Sport Tracks come pre-designed, saving you time and effort.  With line markings and numbers already in place, all you need is your high-quality logo artwork for the finishing touch.

Don’t have the artwork? No worries! Our manufacturer can create it for you.

Choose Your Dimensions and Colors

Select from a range of track dimensions to suit your needs, starting at 1.2m wide x 10m or 15m long. Our tracks are available in vibrant blue, sleek black, striking red, and refreshing green, all featuring a 15mm pile height grass for optimal performance.

High-Density Turf for Intense Workouts

Grassart Sprint Tracks feature tufted line markings on high-density turf, capable of withstanding the rigors of intense floor exercises, including sprints and training with weighted sleds. Say goodbye to seam stress and embrace a smooth, seamless surface.

Easy Installation on Existing Hard Flooring

Installing our weighted sleigh/running tracks is a breeze. Simply lay them over your existing hard flooring, and you’re ready to train like a pro. For more details on the installation process, reach out to us via email.

Sport-Specific Custom-Designed Tracks

For those who crave uniqueness or need to follow a brand style guide, our Custom Designed Tracks offer endless possibilities. Tailor your track to suit specialized sports or activities like CrossFit or weighted sleigh workouts. We incorporate your brand’s style guide, ensuring a consistent visual identity across all channels and touchpoints, including your Custom Designed Track.

Unleash Your Imagination

Embrace creativity with Grassart. design your own unique track by choosing dimensions, creating custom lining and fonts, and selecting your preferred colors. Place your logo strategically to reinforce your brand’s promise during every stride.

Guidance and Assistance

Need help with your design concept? Our dedicated team is here to support you. CLICK HERE to get a quotation  we will work together to bring your vision to life.

……artificial grass never looked so good.   

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  • Strong & Durable

  • No Glued Joins

  • Wide Range of
    Colours & Yarn

  • Clean Detailed

  • Unlimited Design