Grassart. For play, for sport, for business, for home.

Grassart is an Australian company that is designing new ways to see and use artificial grass surfaces.

Currently, we provide seamless logo re-production and playground elements in various  sizes and grass heights for commercial and residential use.

We are also developing a new range of products that will be available next year. Have a look at some of the concepts  we are creating at the bottom of this page..

​If you are interested in these, you can ask one of our staff, or simply send us an email.


Our latex background for the logos and designs is also non-flammable and the yarn is flame retardant.

Tough and Hard Wearing

The very nature of artificial grass makes it a hard-wearing surface and because we do your logo or designs in one piece, there is little loss to the integrity of your grass surface. You can select from a different kinds of fibres (short,long etc) as well as a broad selection of standard colours.

Unlimited  Possibilities

Whether you are looking to have a team logo incorporated in a training field, a design for a kindergarten playground, a sponsorship mat for a special event, or simply a play mat for a backyard, Grassart products are limited only by your imagination.

Clean Graphics

One of the great benefits of the revolutionary Signgrass technology is how crisp the detail of your design is. Because it is programmed into a computer and tufted there is no more cutting and gluing coloured pieces together to make up a logo or design.

What you need to tell us

To get the most out of your Grassart, there are a few things to tell us. When you make an enquiry, you should include;

  • - High resolution/vector files (tiff/ai/pdf/jpg)
  • - Size logo mat you require
  • - The Application
  • - Type of yarn currently used (monofilament, fibrillated, monofilament texturised or texturised)
  • - Pile height
  • - Technical specifications, if required

If you are unsure, just call our office.

Basic colour and pile options. 

Short mix colours
Fibri Shine  colours
Soft mix colours
Soft mix colours
Short  colours
Short  colours
Soft colours
Fibri  colours
Fibri mono colours

Backing Characteristics
Primary Backing: Woven Polyester
Secondary Backing: Latex

5 Years against discolouration and UV light degradation
2 year product warranty against fibres coming off.

Installation & Maintenance
Seams must be secured with polyurethane special adhesive for synthetic grass.